Professional casino dealers are trained professionals who specialize in dealing table games such as poker, blackjack, craps and roulette. A dealer must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills while being well-groomed in order to remain composed during high-stress situations. A dealer should also be capable of quickly explaining rules of the game quickly while taking feedback or objections from players as quickly as possible – along with possessing mathematical acumen to quickly calculate winnings/payouts on the spot; while providing exceptional customer service.

Being a dealer is a crucial role that requires extensive training to become fully qualified. Many casinos provide in-house training as a great way to gain experience without spending extra money on external courses. Although in-house courses tend to last over several weeks and provide intensive experience, they tend to cost more than standard ones in that same location; so if you are considering becoming one it would be wise to investigate all available options carefully before making a decision.

As a dealer, it is crucial that you possess sufficient physical stamina. Dealing requires standing and bending over tables all day long while being exposed to secondhand smoke as well as dealing with players who might be drunk or rude. Furthermore, some dealers must work at multiple tables simultaneously requiring them to be flexible and adaptable in their approach.

Ideal, previous experience in customer service would help secure you the position as a dealer; however, experience in gambling will also give an applicant an edge. Any relevant qualifications may also provide them with an edge. Finally, having prior knowledge about various gambling games you will be dealing with would prove immensely useful in understanding all their rules and regulations.

Additionally, it’s vitally important that you are personable and engaging. Since most of your income will come from tips, it is necessary that you can engage and entertain players at your table – otherwise this job may not be suitable for you.

After you gain some experience in this area, you can advance and apply for management positions at larger casinos. Or expand your knowledge by learning to deal more complex games such as baccarat or keno. Once more experience has been acquired, overseas travel may even become part of your plan to enter this lucrative industry. For many it can be both financially lucrative and highly rewarding: as it requires strict adherence to industry regulations (such as having no criminal records) but if these requirements are not met it may be impossible to secure employment as a casino dealer!