can i book travel for an unaccompanied minor on line

Traveling alone as a child is a significant undertaking, with airlines having special rules, requirements, restrictions and fees for this travel experience. To ensure the best experience for your kids, it is vital to fully comprehend all the relevant rules and guidelines relating to booking travel for unaccompanied minors online as well as tips and suggestions that will ensure a safe and pleasant journey for your little one. In this article, we will discuss booking travel online as an unaccompanied minor as well as provide tips to make their trip safe and fun!

United States airlines typically permit children between ages 5-17 to travel alone without parents or guardians present; details vary by airline. Most provide limited supervision at a fee to help make flight connections as needed and then hand them off at their final airport arrival gate.

To book travel for unaccompanied minors online, it’s necessary to contact each airline directly. According to their specific guidelines, age restrictions will determine who qualifies, the cost associated with their service and any potential flight restrictions; Delta only permits kids ages 5 and above flying solo under its Unaccompanied Minor program, and nonstop flights (no transfers between airports) from origin airport must be booked directly from origin to destination airport.

Booking flights for unaccompanied minors online will differ depending on which airline you use; however, the main steps remain similar: first visit their website and search for flights that meet your child’s criteria, then call to place the reservation and provide basic information like their full name and birthdate; some airlines also request contact details of an adult who will pick them up upon their return from flight.

Once your flight is booked, be sure to arrive early at the airport so your child can be checked in with ease. Children flying alone cannot use self-service kiosks or online check in; instead they must visit a ticket agent at the airport who will require photo ID as well as a signed release form from their parent/guardian for check in.

Airlines may charge an unaccompanied minor service fee when making reservations, which will be shown as part of your total price display when booking online. Their website should list this fee, while also viewing your ticket purchase breakdown. Fees may be per unaccompanied minor or per one-way/round-trip flight; NerdWallet suggests reviewing each airline’s unaccompanied minor guidelines prior to making your reservation for best results! Take the time to do your research so everyone involved has an enjoyable journey ahead!