what states is online gambling legal

Nevada and New Jersey were once hubs of gambling activity across the country, but online casinos have since made an impressive comeback as more states realize legalizing this form of gaming as a revenue boost for themselves.

Recently, there has been an exponential growth in the number of states where you can legally gamble for real money online gambling. However, keep in mind that you can only legally access these states if you reside within their borders; all other forms of gambling remain illegal in all other states.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is which states allow online gambling; unfortunately, this answer can vary widely depending on which forms are legal in that particular state. Some may allow casinos and sportsbooks while others do not; those that do may only offer sports betting or poker as legal forms of betting.

Federal law does not prohibit gambling activity, while individual states often have more stringent laws regarding what forms of gambling they allow and do not allow. Since regulated gaming was introduced in the 90s, however, more states have allowed more forms of gambling activities.

There are currently 19 states with casinos and 16 sportsbooks accepting bets on in-state events, led by New Jersey as an example. Other states quickly followed suit once they realized how regulating casino gaming and sports betting could provide significant supplemental income to their budgets.

Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia have also passed laws or legalized gambling sites, with Connecticut passing gambling legislation or legalizing gambling sites first followed by Delaware and then Michigan then Pennsylvania then West Virginia (only West Virginia has yet to launch sportsbooks, though this should happen soon).

Noteworthy is the fact that some states have also passed laws legalizing betting on esports and other events like the Super Bowl; however, this form of unregulated betting should still be undertaken with extreme caution due to its riskiness.

Ohio is one of only two states that legalize betting on esports, although its definition of gambling doesn’t specify online gambling specifically. Ohio does however permit participation in its state lottery and charitable bingo events, as well as daily fantasy sports (DFS).