how are winning pch lotto game cards distributed

How Are Winning Pch Lotto Game Cards Distributed? Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol employees and employees at other legitimate sweepstakes take great pride in protecting winners against scammers posing as members of Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol who falsely represent themselves on social media as Prize Patrol or PCH employees, misrepresenting themselves on websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as such employees claiming they represent PCH or asking winners to send cash (wire transfer, pre-paid gift cards or Green Dot MoneyPaks). All such schemes violate all legitimate sweepstakes rules!

Depending on the size and value of your prize, winnings may come in either online gift certificates or checks from PCH Lotto Games. Winnings under $600 will be deposited directly into your account and can be redeemed against future purchases at PCH lotto games; those exceeding this amount may be sent via first class mail, overnight courier service, UPS mail or even collected directly by PCH Prize Patrol! Alternatively, larger prizes (10,000 or above) may even allow winners to collect them personally!

As well as PCH Lotto prizes, there are other exciting opportunities to win big through PCH Powerball Instant Win games (where up to $1 Million can be won in one draw) and PCH SuperPrizes which provide huge cash and merchandise awards.

One of the many attractions of PCH Lotto is its affordability – no entrance fees needed to take part! Plus, with Quick Pick option you may just find some extra cash waiting for you!

Another fantastic feature of PCH Lotto is that the jackpot keeps growing when there is no winner, giving you every chance to hit big! Carli Steffes from Sioux Falls, South Dakota recently won a $5 Million Powerball SuperPrize after entering daily for years – find out about her story here.