how to play the game of life lottery ticket florida

Florida lottery players now have a chance at lifelong cash prizes with the Game of Life scratch-off game, available across nine states including Florida and Maryland. Matching all six winning numbers could earn the top prize of $1,000 daily until 2023! In addition, additional prizes such as vacations, sports tickets and lifestyle items could also be won from playing this multi-state scratch-off game whose top prize draw will take place August 6, 2023 at 9 PM ET.

Game of Life Lottery Tickets can be found at all participating Florida Lottery retailers for $50 each and offer players an engaging lottery experience. To play, players must sign their name on the back of the ticket and complete an official entry form before returning it with payment; once verified by retailer and paid, ticket will be handed out – this serves as proof of purchase; lost or destroyed tickets will only be replaced by eligible Game of Life tickets.

Every THE GAME OF LIFE ticket features two parts to its play area – YOUR SPINS (with six spins labeled SPIN 1 through SPIN 6), and THE GAME OF LIFE game board play area with 26 spaces marked as SPIN 1-26 – that must be played consecutively, starting with SPIN 1. Every time YOU SPINS play symbol is spun, scratched marks on game board must be revealed that correspond to numbers or symbols on YOUR SPINS area of ticket.

As soon as a winning ticket is revealed, its owner must provide identification, proof of age and residency information when requested by the Lottery or its authorized representatives. Winners must comply with all state and federal laws as well as Lottery procedures and rules, plus submit all paperwork within seven calendar days from being contacted by either Atlas Experiences LLC/Florida Lottery; otherwise their prize could be forfeited.

THE GAME OF LIFE prizes and odds are determined by the initial game prize structure; this may change throughout play. Prize payments will be made according to Florida Lottery prize payment rules set out in Chapter 24 Florida Statutes as well as any subsequent regulations promulgated thereunder.