why is the national anthem played at sporting events

No matter your opinion of it, the national anthem is an integral part of American sports culture. Played before nearly every kickoff and faceoff in America from high school soccer to college basketball to professional leagues such as NBA and NHL games – including high school soccer games! – it unifies crowds while showing pride for America. But why is the anthem necessary?

Answers lie deep within history. Anthems first gained widespread use during World War I to foster patriotism and show support for troops abroad, before gradually becoming standard at World Series and holiday games before eventually spreading throughout other teams’ regular season games as well. Naturally, it quickly became an integral part of sports experience – an excellent way to bring fans together while simultaneously displaying players’ talents on the field.

However, the national anthem has also become an effective means of supporting and promoting military organizations and government departments, with the Pentagon awarding millions in payments to NFL, MLB and NHL teams for performing it at military appreciation nights or for performances of their anthem. Such an act has created controversy as many consider if or whether the anthem should remain.

No matter the controversy, it is important to keep in mind that playing the national anthem before sporting events is not required by law or regulations. No matter what may have been reported in politicians and media reports.

One reason the national anthem should be left alone and not forced upon anyone who doesn’t wish to participate is political division between Canada and the US, along with ongoing issues of racial justice; forcing people to stand and sing in unison doesn’t make sense in such an atmosphere – especially an anthem meant to instil soldiers with courage so they may take up arms against enemies and kill them with deadly precision.

As with other sporting events, anthems at other sporting events should not force fans to sing along to something they may not believe or agree with. Instead, sports leagues should allow fans to decide what best serves the game and their fans who come watch it play out. In essence, an anthem should be banned altogether from sporting events in favor of team fight songs or another piece of popular culture that creates unity without forcing unquestioning patriotism on everyone involved in attendance.