Are vending poker machines legal in Wisconsin is a complex question with numerous answers that depend on who is asking it and their perspective. As an adult owning such machines at home is likely legal; whereas minors operating such devices could find themselves in big legal trouble.

Vending machines have become an indispensable component of modern life and are used by people from all backgrounds and ages. Offering convenient and reasonably-priced snacks, drinks and other goods – these machines have become a mainstay in cafeterias, office buildings, hotels and even cruise ships! Vending machines can be programmed to display any number of products while their prices can be determined by internal mechanisms which respond to many factors (for instance: randomly select more popular or less popular items; distribute items according to frequency etc).

Additionally, machines can be programmed to dispense prizes based on how much customers spend on specific products. For example, one machine might only reward players who obtain the highest possible hand of poker with a prize; such machines are commonly known as honor boxes.

Wisconsin law makes it illegal for any individual or entity to manufacture, own, sell, possess or use slot machines. There are a few exceptions; video poker machines may be permitted in bars and restaurants with Class A liquor licenses as well as lottery and charitable bingo games that fall within their rules; however video gambling machines outside casinos and other licensed establishments remain forbidden.

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