Learning the rules and creating a betting strategy aren’t the only ways to increase your odds of success at slot machines – there are other strategies which may increase them further; some may be considered cheating and banned by casinos, however. Here is a look at some popular cheater methods used for winning at slots machines.

The Shaved Coin on String Trick

This strategy for cheating slot machine was especially prevalent during the 1970s. A metal coin would be shaved and attached to a string; then dropped into the slot until its trigger came up, before pulling it up out again – this trick convinced the machine’s sensor that coins were constantly entering it, thus activating a payout. Unfortunately this technique no longer works effectively but provides insight into some of its deceitful ways.

The Metal Coat Hanger Trick

Another classic slot machine cheating method involved hooking the coin slot of an older slot machine with an arm-like piece of metal such as a metal coat hanger. By misguiding its internal mechanics into paying out or registering fake credits, cheaters could lead them into believing there had been an actual win or not registering any credit at all. This trick proved particularly successful on machines without computers to determine winning odds.

Dennis Nikrasch devised his method of slot machine cheating through reprogramming computer chips within slots to allow him to manipulate results of every spin and win large sums over time. Unfortunately, this scam was eventually exposed when Nikrasch’s cheating was revealed.

This slot machine cheating technique required more sophisticated equipment, but was still very effective. It involved inserting a long wire with an end bent into a “q”, jamming its clock, and manipulating spins through jamming its clock – one of the more devious strategies ever used by scammers to cheat machines, though thankfully no longer possible today.

There are a few tips that can help increase your odds of winning at slot machines without engaging in any sort of cheating. Be sure to read pay tables before beginning to play to understand each symbol’s value and how combinations of symbols create payouts. It also helps setting spending limits for each session so as to prevent yourself from overspending, potentially losing more than you can afford, or choosing slots that suit both your gambling style and budget – both are key aspects in slot machine success! Remember to practice responsible gambling as luck plays an enormous role!

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