If you’re an online gambling addict, kicking the habit can be challenging on your own. But there are proven and practical strategies available to you that can help. Recognizing that gambling behaviors are detrimental and making a commitment to change are crucial steps towards independence from this habit. Writing out why you are choosing to quit may also provide additional support and can prevent relapse by reminding you of all its negative ramifications on relationships, work performance, physical health and finances.

As part of your recovery journey, it’s essential that you consciously work to avoid situations that could trigger a relapse. This might involve uninstalling gambling apps from your phone, not socializing at venues where gaming takes place or staying away from websites that promote gambling content. Content blockers like Gamban can help reduce temptation by blocking gambling ads from appearing in browsers and devices.

Gambling often results from negative feelings or emotional discomfort, yet trying to suppress them by gambling may only create more issues, including financial loss and self-sabotage. Instead of turning to gambling for relief, try finding healthier means such as exercise, writing in a journal, listening to music or spending time with non-gambler family and friends instead. Meditation and mindfulness may also provide effective tools for regulating emotions.

Chase losses is another leading cause of relapse, creating a dangerous cycle that quickly escalates, often worsening mental health issues in the process. Tracking financial goals, using trusted friends or family to access money can all provide valuable protections against making impulse-based gambling decisions.

Finally, creating a supportive environment is key when trying to break an online gambling addiction with help from others. While addiction thrives in solitude, recovery thrives through sharing. So rather than lecturing your loved ones about their gambling behavior or criticizing their issues with gambling, try discussing how it has affected you instead and offering solutions together.

Stopping online gambling requires gradual change that may take several weeks or months. Seeking professional assistance if your problem is causing serious harm can have lasting repercussions in both personal and financial terms, while professional counsellors can assist in crafting an individual plan tailored specifically to you that provides long-term recovery from gambling addiction. Contact us now for a complimentary initial assessment, where we will also advise on suitable treatments options available to you.