Every lottery player’s dream is to hit the big prize, and Michigan Lottery experts believe your chances are greater when playing instant Ticket games rather than multi-state ones. According to Jeff Holyfield of the Michigan Lottery spokesman team, check their Instant Tickets page on their website and learn which games are available nearby.

Michigan offers an assortment of lottery draw games, Pull Tabs and Scratch Off Games for its residents to enjoy. Players may also opt to participate in Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot games offering payouts up to $10 Million; additionally the Michigan Lottery also provides in-state games offering big prize pools.

Michigan began operating its state lottery in 1972 and relies heavily on player participation to generate funds. Reinvestment of 95% of proceeds into either jackpots or good causes like public education has long been an integral part of Michigan life; winning tickets have long been produced, such as the first Green Ticket ever produced in America! Now the state lottery offers drawing games, Scratch Off Games and Keno options as part of its services to Michigan residents.

Experience Michigan Lottery games online via an official retailer or with an app such as Michigan Lottery App – each app provides up-to-date lottery results, past winners’ lists and email newsletter updates from Michigan Lottery!

When cashing your winning ticket, all you need is two forms of identification – government-issued photo ID and your Social Security card – along with winnings up to $50,000 that can be claimed at any Lottery retailer in Michigan; otherwise visit one of Michigan Lottery offices instead.

According to the Lottery website, 31 scratch-off games with $1 million top prizes remain open and tickets for these games range from as little as $10 up to $50 for purchase.

Meijer in Stevensville sold the last $1 Million Double Diamond ticket on September 29th 2022; two prizes remain out there but their odds of being won are 1 in 3.83.

If you find a winning ticket, you have one year from the date of the draw to collect it and claim your prize. Any unclaimed prizes after this deadline will be added back into the jackpot for future drawings.

Michigan Lottery recently unveiled an exciting new game called $5,000 Money Match that could pay out big prizes. Although just $1 is required to play, your odds of success are 1 in 4.78! Featuring both crossword puzzle and bonus words areas – when revealing any “$$” symbols beneath numbers in Money Match you will automatically win whatever prize is listed there; reveal any “2X” or “3X” symbols and double or TRIPLE it automatically; uncovering any “10X” or “10X” symbol will multiply that prize ten-fold! You can play Money Match online or on any Michigan Lottery website where Money Match can be played locally!